Welcome to Dr. Bohrer Lasertec GmbH!

Dr. Bohrer Lasertec is the Number 1 Full Service Partner World-Wide for Ultra-High-Speed Laser Engraving with the three Business Areas: Services, Sources and Solutions.

Dr. Bohrer Lasertec GmbH was founded in 2006 with a strong focus on industrial laser engraving applications - mainly with CO2 lasers. The founder Dr. Markus Bohrer has a consistent curriculum vitae in laser technology since 1985, when he became the first employee of the newly founded Institute for High Power Laser Technology at Vienna University of Technology (headed by Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Dieter Schuöcker). Dr. Bohrers' degree for high-frequency and communication engineering was the ideal qualification for modulating plasma discharges as typically used for CO2 lasers and for the operation of acousto-optic modulators.

Like many high-tech start-up legends, the company was founded in a container at the local railway station. Today Dr. Bohrer Lasertec GmbH provides labs on 10.000 square feet and is the Number 1 Full Service Partner World-Wide for Ultra-High-Speed Laser Engraving.

Hear What Testimonials Say ...

„We traveled a lot, and have seen other competitors, but this is far beyond anything we have seen!“

Karen M. B. Taminger, NASA

„Dr. Bohrer is the Formula 1 of laser technology!“

Klaus Emiljanow, MTU/DaimlerChrysler

In spite of this recognition our most important guideline is still: "Our customers don't care how much we know, until they first know how much we care." We push ourselves every single day to serve our customers as good as we can.

And we go the extra mile!